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    First Day…first day

    Bullet points will make this possible.

    • Donut eating around a beautiful wooden round table
    • Conversation that flowed, interconnectedness apparent from our previous gatherings for family connection
    • The times when it got awkward and stilted and stiff were when I spoke…yikes
    • My son displayed what might be typical opposition and upon reflection owned his choices
    • I cried. Twice.
    • There is a balance needed to achieve that became apparent and was the cause of the sleeplessness the night before: I’m not their entertainment like I was when I taught in elementary school. Their boredom is their boredom. Their tiredness is their tiredness. It is not for me to pep them up. It is for me to hold coherence. It is for me to support…
    • The sooner they realize that they are each the creators, the designers of their own education, the better.

    Onward with so much joy and gratitude to get to hold this space for these amazing human beings.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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